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Injured Wildlife

Caring for all animals

Here at Worthing Emergency Vets, we are happy to see any sick or injured wildlife. 

However, during the spring many well meaning members of the public bring baby birds to us, who have simply fallen out of the nest. These tiny babies are better either left where they are, or put up high in a safe place where the parents can still see them. More often than not, the parents will be watching and feeding the baby and will be distressed if it is removed. If the bird is injured, then do bring it to us. If you are in any doubt, consult the RSPB website for more info.

Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service, is a very helpful organisation if you need advice regarding wildlife and regularly visit our hospital to collect animals and birds who have been brought to us. You can contact them on 01903 247 111 if you think you have found sick or injured wildlife.