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Our Commitment

The commitment between practice, pet & owner

Our commitment to your practice

We have undertaken to provide emergency cover for your practice. As part of this arrangement, we have agreed not to see you or your pets as clients of Grove Lodge Veterinary Group for a period of 6 months from the date you visited Worthing Emergency Vets based at Grove Lodge Vets. We will provide your own vets with a full history and results so that they can continue to give your pet treatment during the course of your pet's stay and after any treatment.

Our commitment to you

  • We will provide you and your pet with a first class service
  • We will provide your animal with the highest standard of treatment and care

If your animal has been admitted to the hospital, we will provide you with an estimate of the costs at the start of treatment and will keep you informed of any changes to this. Wherever possible, we will seek your agreement to continue with treatment if the costs are likely to increase. Please note, the vet can only give you an estimate and not a quote.

Your commitment to us

You are responsible for the full settlement of your account, including the initial consultation fee. A deposit of 50% of the upper estimate will be required from you at the time that your animal is admitted to the hospital. Full payment is expected at the time your animal is discharged from the hospital, whether or not your animal is insured.

It is important that you contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to establish the level of cover remaining on your policy for the condition your animal has.

Please bring a valid claim form with you for your first appointment. We aim to process claim forms promptly so that insurance companies are able to reimburse you swiftly.

Our report to your veterinary surgeon may be forwarded to your insurance company at their request.

If your animal is insured, a direct claim may be arranged in advance with our accounts team. However, if your insurance company does not pay the claim, you are responsible for the full amount. An administration fee of £32.06 is payable on all direct claims.

If your animal is insured and a direct claim has been agreed by our Accounts Department:

  • You will need to contact your insurance company to obtain a valid claim form. Please bring this to your appointment along with your insurance policy documents
  • You will need to pay the excess at the time of the first consultation
  • Please ensure that you have an initial claim made with referring vet if applicable
  • You are responsible for liaising with the insurance company about payment
  • If the insurance company for any reason does not pay part, or all of the amount owing, you will be responsible for paying this amount in full
  • If a direct claim is not settled within 60 days we will require that you settle the account in full


We pride ourselves on our highly professional and caring emergency service. If you are happy with the level of service you have received then we would be very grateful if you share your experience on google. However, if you believe that we have failed to deliver the level of care or communication that you expect from us, please contact our Customer Service Manager, on 01903 234866.